Survivors and Their work with The Lee Spark NF Foundation…

Looking Fab with the Educational Dvd's and USB Pens
Looking Fab with the Educational Dvd’s and USB Pens


Well our lovely Elaine McCulloch Ambassador for Scotland attended The Royal College of Surgeons Edinburgh Seminar to give a talk about The Lee Spark NF Foundation and what it means to her.
The following is an account of her day:
0645 – Left Home for our journey to Edinburgh
0910 – Arrived at Edinburgh College of Surgeons for SPSP HAI 2016 conference 0930 – registration & morning coffee
1000 – opening remarks
1010 – Diane Murray – WHY?
1040 – Elaine McCulloch – Surviving Necrotising Fasciitis
1120 – PVC’s
1220 – 1320 Lunch
1320-1420 meeting everyone at the conference, talking through my presentation, distributing DVD’s (40) & USB’s (120)
1430 – Heading for home
1600 – Home and reflecting on a very successful day.
I gave a lengthy 20 minute talk on the aims, goals of The Lee Spark Foundation and why the charity was started by Doreen Marsden, I also spoke about the costs to the NHS of hospital infections and our survey results from 2011. I then went into extreme detail of my personal story, journey with NF and what it meant not only to the survivor but to the extended friends, family and how I need continuous healthcare and medication to function daily. I shared my graphic photographs and spoke in detail how early diagnoses is the most important factor but would happen if sever symptoms occurred. I shared in depth my personal life and struggles that effected me in the aftermath of NF and how I have changed my life around and how doing what I do for The Lee Spark Foundation means a great deal to me personally, and my goal is to ultimately make people, stop, think and save a life.

Spring has Sprung

Finally, Spring has Sprung… Everything is coming back to life, the days are getting longer and the plans for the ball are well under way..

I have to thank a few companies for their generous donations so far for raffle prizes etc,     * Manchester United Football Club have Donated a Signed Football, the COA will be sent directly to the winner within 5 days of the event.                                                                                   * Game have donated some PC Games                                                                                                       * FiveGuys Restaurant a £25 Voucher                                                                                                       * Empire Cinema have donated a Family Cinema Ticket                                                                      The Entertainer Children’s store have promised to donate and so have Sainsburys.

Without these generous donations we would certainly struggle to make these events as successful as they truly are, so many thanks go out to them.

The Entertainment is all sorted with a little surprise thrown in, To be revealed on the evening…….

2016 Annual Ball

Lets get the party started!!!  It is that time of year again when all systems are go for the Annual Ball.

The Theme this year is HALLOWEEEEEEEEEN. Be as scary or as cuddly as you like… Halloween is what you make it. What would be fantastic is, if that all children attending could bring carved pumpkins, i am sure there will be some show stoppers.

The Ball will be held at Albrighton Hall, Shrewsbury on Saturday 29th October 2016.

Tickets are priced at £30 per adult and £15 per child. Reception drinks will commence from 6pm with bums on seats for a wonderful 3 course meal for approx 7pm.  Please feel free to contact me on for any further information. Monster Mash Final Ball .1

3 Days To Go

3 Days to go guys until the first ever Lee Spark Coffee morning!!  I am actually feeling quite excited about it and the information about NF that can reach other people raising awareness further.

I will be making Key Lime Cupcakes, “Flirty Dirty” Brownies and many other wonderfully naughty treats. Not to forget a lovely fruit platter for those that are sticking with their New Year Resolutions. Also i will not be forgetting those who have Coeliacs and need to avoid Gluten there will be goodies for you too.

I really hope everyone has a lovely time, and we can spread the fight against Necrotising Fasciitis as far a field as we can. 22 Jan Coffee Morning

9 Days to go…..

What a beautiful afternoon, a little chilly but the sun is shining.

Only 9 days to go until the first ever Lee Spark Coffee Morning on Friday 22nd January 2016…

We would like as many people to take part as possible, no event is too big or too small.
From a small gathering of friends having a coffee (Or preferred drink) to an entire workforce taking part. It all raises awareness and if donations are made then fantastic, all goes to a wonderful cause.

My event will be held in my workplace (A School), I have gathered together all of our budding bakers to contribute to the table. I will be decorating the room with Yellow and Blue Balloons and matching table cloths..

Lets hope we can get this event to go with a bang and I don’t mean the balloons…